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Sunday's Comin' #239 - Psalm 148: 14

October 27, 2022 Caryn Rivadeneira Season 1 Episode 239
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Sunday's Comin' #239 - Psalm 148: 14
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Caryn Rivadeneira, Director of Care & Worship Planning

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Welcome to Elmhurst CRC's daily dose of the word of God. It's Thursday, October 27, and Sunday is coming. This is Caryn Rivadeneira. I serve as Director of Care & Worship Planning, and I'll be reading Psalm 148, verse 14.

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He has raised up a horn for his people. Praise for all his faithful, for the people of Israel, who are close to him. Praise the Lord.

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At the end of this psalm, which invites all (and I mean all - I'm surprised they didn't include extraterrestrials in this), of creation to praise the Creator, we get this super interesting line which offers a why. Of course, there are myriad reasons to praise the Lord. But it's nice to get this insight into what prompted the psalmist. And the verse tells us, "The Lord has raised a horn for his people..." in celebration of those who are close to God. While it's cool to imagine that God might have put a horn to Holy lips, and sort of kazooed out a song of joy for God's people - It seems that the word horn implies that God is actually raising strength, or celebrating strength for God's people, as God delights in them.

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I love passages that remind us that God isn't a God who simply kicks back and bask in our praises while angels drop grapes into God's mouth. Well, certainly God welcomes our praise, and like any good and loving parent, God also delights and rejoices in us. God delights and rejoices in me. God delights and rejoices in you. God delights and rejoices in our friends, our families, our neighbors, and people we would never expect. And that is indeed why God is so worthy of our praises. So praise the Lord you devotion listeners, praise the Lord.